The walking Fangirls.

I know its been a while and i havent posted anything but i love you all and i want you to be safe. Please repost
So cute! -Sour_Musix

Anonymous said: Thank you.

:) welcome -Sour_musix

I can’t x”D -Sour_Musix

Anonymous said: Could you please source the pictures you put up? It's disrespectful to the artist if you don't. And tumblr's new guidelines say that you're not allowed to post unsourced art.

The images we use come from Ifunny, Google and stuff like that. We will try to . Thx for letting us know- Sour_Musix

I am taking spam requests. Leave your name / nickname , what spam you want and a number 1-20 and I will get to it asap - sour_musix
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